The ITVantix Way

Our proven process for providing continuous improvement

Is your company's IT a constant cause for concern?

  • Do you need urgent help scaling your business with reliable and secure IT management?
  • Are you an easy target for ransomware attacks and hacks?
  • Are your computers and servers slowing your productivity down to halt?
  • Do you wish you could prevent unexpected IT expenses?

If You Answered Yes to Any of These Questions, We can Help You
with The ITVantix Way!

What is The ITVantix Way?






Why Should You Consider The ITVantix Way?

Hacks & Attacks

These days, hackers, attackers, and even automated web bots are all trying to gain access to your network and ultimately access your private customer and business information. When successful, the attackers can lock down your data, or worse, they can release your customer information to the world.

With the sheer number of security threats faced by companies, it is important to evaluate the vulnerabilities that may affect your business. Lost revenues due to downtime or large fines due to data breaches may not be an option and could affect the overall health of the organization.

Internal Threats

Not only is it necessary to protect a network from outside threats, internal threats can also be a huge vulnerability. Part of a thorough network security plan is ensuring that employees are using best practices and are educated on their role in keeping the network safe.


If you store customer data, private information, or take credit cards, network security is no longer an option, but instead is a necessity. Not to mention if you must adhere to HIPAA, SOC, FTC Safeguards or any other regulations, you need a team that understands these requirements and a team that can provide the pieces necessary to keep you compliant.

How Can We Help?

Protecting your information and your customers’ data is ITVantix’s specialty.

  • Evaluate – We can evaluate your current network business environment.
  • Assess – We will provide a complete assessment of your overall security health.
  • Implement – We will implement a complete security plan to provide a comprehensive security solution.

Our company is the leader in network security, contact us today for more information and find out how We Manage Technology The ITVantix Way.


How We Do What We Do

The ITVantix Way is our IT Service Management (ITSM) Framework.  In simple terms, it is how we manage end-to-end service delivery of IT Services to our customers.  This includes all the processes and activities to design, create, deliver, and support IT services. The core concept of ITSM is the belief that IT should be delivered as a service.

A Simple Approach to IT Service Management

The ITVantix Way is an iterative process with simple steps designed to provide continuous improvement.  Our team will work with you to repeat each step, tweaking and improving your IT systems with each cycle.  In practical terms, we work with organizations to implement changes in small, manageable increments, with a constant feedback loop to refine and enhance technology and services over time.


1. Engage

It starts with a conversation where we ask questions and listen as you help us understand your needs.  During this step, we’ll perform a DISCOVERY to collect information and document the current state of your technology.

We’ll discuss any problems you face, evaluate any options and recommend proven solutions.

2. Design

Once you’ve agreed with our recommendations, our engineers will work with you to design the optimal solution.

We specialize in provided the best IT Solutions and by adopting “Supported” and “Approved” technologies like those outlined by the ITVantix Recommended Technology Platform (RTP), you will be better positioned to experience increased productivity, optimal information security and more quicker support.


3. Schedule

Our teams understands the importance of business technology and our project managers work closely with you to employ a variety of scheduling techniques, tools and best practices to leverage resources and keep projects on track and deliver successful outcomes. 

When you want quality IT services and business phone systems you can trust, call ITVantix today so we can help you with efficient, quick and cost-effective scheduling.

4. Implement

Once the designs for IT, Phones or Security Systems and the related support processes have been finalized, it’s important to install or upgrade those systems and implment services in such a way that minimizes disruption.

Work with ITVantix to experience the best Project Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management and Configuration Management.  Our expert implentation team works with hundreds of customers in Georgia, expertly managing their technology needs.

5. Maintain

Implementing technology successfully shouldn’t be the final stage in any organization. There’s always room for improvement and new development based on issues that pop up, customer needs and demands, and user feedback.  Our IT services here at ITVantix provide an incredibly helpful and easy solution to you – we’ll provide your company with the best help desk support and consulting to identify real issues and eliminate problems.

At ITVantix, We Manage Technology for our customers so you can focus on your core business.


Why is The ITVantix Way Important?

Network security should be a number one priority for businesses in Georgia. With ransomware, hacks, attacks, vulnerabilities and data theft affecting companies all around the world on a daily basis, it’s just a matter of time before your business is hit. ITVantix’s goal is to provide you with the best network security protection possible, while also keeping your unique needs and budget in mind.

Through continuous improvement, we constantly evaluate technology and work hard to implement strategic systems designed to protect you and your data. The importance of providing Information Security is a core tenet of THE ITVANTIX WAY.