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Improved Cybersecurity and Reduced Risk

Outsourcing your IT services with ITVantix MAXX Care is the first step to improving the cybersecurity posture of your business.  Adding MAXX Compliance closes the gaps that exist and helps to put security strategies and practices in place to ensure your business complies with regulatory standards and all relevant security standards.

The ITVantix MAXX Compliance Framework easily compliments other services provided by ITVantix such as, data & document security, IT security, cybersecurity, physical security, access control, and intellegent video surveillance.

Implementing MAXX Compliance is Simple!

Implement MAXX Care Managed IT Services First

MAXX Care Managed IT Services provides a Solid Foundation for Your Compliance Needs.  Entrust the management of your technology to us and ensure seamless protection and accessibility of your valuable data. With our comprehensive approach, we meticulously monitor and manage every aspect of your technology needs. Our range of tailored solutions speak to Administrative Controls, Technical Controls and Physical Controls.

ITVantix has defined a robust Managed IT Strategy and we will work with you to taylor a Solution to suit your needs.  We specialize in providing Fully Managed IT Services to our customers in Georgia.

Whether you are a MAXX Care Managed IT customer or not, the ITVantix MAXX Compliance Cybersecurity Framework is designed for businesses of all sizes and at any stage of their cybersecurity journey.

We provide expertise with meeting complaince as defined by HIPAA, PCI and FTC’s Safeguards Rule.  Subject to other compliance standards?  Need a cybersecurity insurance audit?  MAXX Compliance can handle those workloads also!


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We bridge the gap between technology support, cybersecurity and compliance.  We are also human and happy to help.


The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) framework is an industry-standard that is tested and customizable and can be applied to businesses of all sizes.

The ITVantix MAXX Compliance Cybersecurity Framework covers 5 key functions defined by NIST to enable a business to minimize risk to their infrastructure to minimize any risk to business goals around innovation, efficiency, profitability and customer privacy.

We believe that cybersecurity is an ongoing process. Protect your business from an attack with MAXX Care Managed IT Services from ITVantix and apply a comprehensve approach to cybersecurity with MAXX Compliance.


The Identify function provides the necessary tools, guidelines and best practices to provide organizations with an understanding of cyber security risk to their assets, capabilities, data and people. A thorough understanding of its own assets, business environment, policies, vulnerabilities and risk tolerances also enables an organization to focus and prioritize its risk management and cybersecurity efforts in the short, medium and long term.


The Protect function within the MAXX Compliance Framework focuses on safeguarding your assets, data, and people. Our goal is to implement the necessary measures to protect critical infrastructure, ensure their resilience, and maintain uninterrupted business services. Our safeguards encompass Identity and Access Management (IAM), staff awareness training, and processes relating to information security, data security, and remote maintenance. Equally crucial, the Protect function provides guidelines and processes to mitigate potential cybersecurity events and minimize their impact if they do occur. Trust us to keep your digital ecosystem secure and resilient.


This Detect function defines how an organization can identify a cybersecurity event. This is key to taking action that mitigates its impact. Here, the organization should implement processes to discover and identify (and where required, categorize) anomalies and outliers, while also understanding their potential impact. It’s also important to implement continuous security monitoring. Firstly to ensure that detection happens consistently and without interruptions, and secondly, to verify the effectiveness of current protective measures.


A framework that effectively identifies and detects anomalous events, but fails to respond to them appropriately or on time, is inadequate. The Respond function includes the activities required to take action in case of a cybersecurity event. This is therefore designed to contain its impact. These activities include response planning and execution, event analysis, communications with internal and external stakeholders, event mitigation, and ongoing learning and improvements.


Since the MAXX Compliance Cybersecurity framework is a set of recommendations, not a prescriptive or foolproof solution, it cannot guarantee complete cybersecurity. A quick Google search for ‘recent cybersecurity events’ will prove the need for cybersecurity that’s proactive and ongoing. And this is what a framework provides. It also provides ideas on what an organization can do if it is the victim of a cyber event. It supports timely recovery to restore processes, systems and assets, and thus reduce an event’s impact. In the long term, the Recover function also identifies the activities that can promote organizational resilience. This is attained through robust communications, planning, reviews and training.

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MAXX Care is a managed IT service provided by ITVantix

Professional IT Services

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Get the peace of mind that comes with having a plan.  By Adopting ITVantix’s Proven IT Support Strategy and building an IT Roadmap in alignment with best practices and our Recommended Technology Platform, you will be able to plan your IT investments proactively instead of reactively, and be more adaptable to other business challenges.

MAXX Voice is a busines phone service provided by ITVantix, Internet Connectivity,

Telephone Systems

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Whether your business needs a run-of-the-mill phone system or a feature-rich unified communication solution, ITVantix’s MAXX Voice has you covered.

With capabilities to resolve issues remotely, over the phone or in-person, we keep your business communications running at optimal levels.

MAXX Security is an Alarm, Access Control & Video Surveillance service provided by ITVantix

Infrastructure & Security

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ITVantix provides stress free infrastructure & security design and implementation services including Low Voltage fiber & cabling, alarm systems, video surveillance and access control solutions.

Let the MAXX Security Team build a successful network foundation and relieve the additional burden on your IT department with intuitive tools designed to keep your people, assets and workspace safe.

MAXX Office is the name of the Copier, Printer and Mailing Equipment service provided by ITVantix

Copiers & Printers

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Thanks to our strategic partnerships with Toshiba, Brother, Lexmark and FP Mailing Solutions, we have your document management and mail handling needs covered.

With MAXX Office Managed Print and Mail Solutions, we can show you how to reduce your printing and mailing expense. Ask us how and we’ll show you in Black & White!