Co-Managed IT

Support your internal IT team with robust solutions from ITVantix

Support your current IT team with a framework that keeps them in control.

A foundation for your work

We’re here to augment – not replace – your current solutions.

With our MAXX Crew co-managed IT program, you can supplement your IT team’s work with a mature suite of tools and processes that have been thoroughly tested and implemented by ITVantix.

Using these co-managed IT support services as a foundation, your internal team can take full control of your IT environment and spend time on your top-priority items, while ensuring the security and efficiency of your infrastructure.

Get peace of mind with our monitoring and infrastructure tools, and prepare for the future with our strategic consultations and planning meetings.

Co-managed IT

Co-Managed IT Services

Supercharge your business with ITVantix Co-managed IT Services! Elevate your IT for unmatched efficiency. Choose excellence, choose ITVantix today!

Optimize your IT Support Efforts

A sophisticated suite of tools that includes a help desk ticketing system, remote support screen shareand documentation management. With these tools, you can optimize your IT support efforts regardless of an issue’s size or scope. Because each function works together seamlessly, support requests won’t go missing, and you’ll always have records on the work that you’ve done.  

As a co-managed security services provider, our documentation platforms will keep your records on hand for whenever problems resurface. That means you won’t have to duplicate any prior headaches or worry about losing your service history in the midst of a handoff to other team members.

Prioritize your Efforts with Actionable Alerts

The world-class Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) software we deploy provides 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting for nearly any device connected to your network. This co-managed security services system includes servers (cloud and on-premise), workstations, firewalls, switches, wireless access points, UPS and printers – any device that supports Simple Network Management Protocol SNMP.  

Because every system has different needs and priorities, we apply machine learning and automated remediation wherever possible to eliminate noise. That distinction means you only receive actionable alerts and notifications and can prioritize your team’s efforts where they’re needed most. 

Avoid Disruptions Caused by Updates

We globally test all Microsoft patches as a critical step to avoid risks and disruptions associated with updates before they are deployed on your network. This includes Microsoft Operating System (OS) security updates, OS-critical updates, MS Office updates, and out-of-band urgent updates.  

ITVantix will communicate with your team monthly about the patching schedule, plus any changes or out-of-band urgent updates. We execute multiple attempts to deploy patches during non-business hours to minimize disruption to your team, and we only escalate problem devices that have evaded multiple weeks of automated deployment.

Know What’s On Your Network

Knowing the technology and network assets you have in your organization is the first step to managing and securing those assets, even with co-managed IT – after all, you can’t protect what you don’t know aboutOur automated asset discovery and tracking is the basis for capturing and documenting details about how assets are configured, how they connect to each other, and when they’re due for replacing, all as part of effective lifecycle management.  

If it’s on your network, we know about it: what it does, where it connects, how old it is, and when it’s due to be updated or replaced. And if anything isn’t immediately discoverable, we know what’s missing and how to find it.

Enhance Your End User’s Support Experience

Support requests are the most apparent – and sometimes only – aspect of IT your end-users will noticeOur clean, intuitive system makes it easy for them to submit and track support requests, through both email and a desktop application 

Not only do you want your end-users to feel supported, you also want your IT team to get the credit it deserves! Maybe you’ve heard the ages-old IT joke: 

  • Everything Works: “What do we even pay you for!?” 
  • Something Breaks: “What do we even pay you for!?”  

With this co-managed IT support system, you’re able to see what’s been done and know just how much work the team is doing behind the scenes every day. Automated systems can track, record, and escalate tickets appropriately to ensure that no alerts get missed, and support issues are handled promptly.

We Are Here To Help When You Need It

Work hours are frequent challenge for IT teams. Even with the “right” team size, a critical problem can quickly turn into long nights and weekends. Many IT professionals never really get time off because they feel like they’re ALWAYS on call.

Whether it’s a planned vacation, a sudden sick day, or an issue that you want us to dig in and help with – ITVantix’s MAXX Help Desk is available to fill in where needed. (standard hourly service rates apply)

Co-Managed IT Services

Critical functions like patch deployment and network monitoring, while important,
often aren’t the most efficient use of your internal staff’s time.

Enrollment Packages and Add-ons

No two companies are alike, and the same applies to your IT infrastructure. In addition to the core enrollment, our Co-Managed IT Services framework features a host of packages and add-ons.

Data Protection

Verified backups and
imaging for both
individual devices and
central servers.

Microsoft 365 Licensing

Licensing for Microsoft 365 files, plus a comprehensive backup plan for your cloud data.

Message Security

Email Continuity and Spam Filtering, & Security Awareness Training to protect your team.

Server & Workstation Security

Antivirus & Anti-malware, DNS Filtering, and Managed Detection & Response.

Individual Add-Ons

Email Encryption Security: Automatic encryption for all organization emails

Executive Workstation/Laptop Protection: Unlimited image-based backup of a critical systems

Annual Information Security Assessment: Take stock of your organization’s IT security
Enhanced Backup & Continuity Solutions: 4-hour Recovery Time Objective & disaster recovery
Identity Access Management:I Password vault, Single Sign-On, MFA & self-service password reset
Email Signature Management: Centralize your team’s email signatures to remove hassle and guesswork

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More than just the tools

ITVantix offers far more than a proven suite of functions and solutions; we also offer the hard-won expertise to back it up. With over 100 years of combined experience, our Shared Technology & Security Services team has a deep understanding of how to build a strong IT foundation.

Scalable Processes

We use intentional, scalable processes instead of jury-rigged, ad hoc solutions.

Dependable Solutions

We carefully evaluate your business technology needs, following a core philosophy and framework that unifies our effort across every team and project. The end result? Technology Products and Services you can depend on.

Advisory Partner

We are closely involved in the modern IT world – frequently collaborating with, presenting alongside, and training with our vendor partners.